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Friday, February 24, 2012

Time to plant and Tea Party Scenes

Hi everyone, It is truly a beautiful Spring day in

Florida. This morning I awoke with the lovely songs of many birds and as I sit here typing, I can hear them in the garden chirpping and singing away!

The flowers I bought to plant and to decorate the tea tables with looked really cute in the little baskets I found at the Dollar Tree. They came in various Spring colors and will be so cute to use as gifts for little Spring plants or to decorate the patio tables.

Here are the plants I used in the center of the tables. In a few minutes they will be planted in the garden!

Come on, butterflies!!

The tea party at church for the Seniors (we call ourselves, the Seasoned Seniors, meaning Spicy)

went well. We invited our Youth Pastor and his wife and their twins to join us and here is a photo of the twins at their own little tea table.

It seems the one Teddy bear may have had a bit too much Strawberry Tea.

The "spoils" after the meal of favorite "finger foods" Notice the McDonald chicken nugget boxes.....brought by the twin's parents.

We had a nice crowd and if you enlarge this photo, you might can see the flowers on the table.

I made 70 cups of Strawberry tea and it all disappeared and could have used more!

Happy Springtime! Wherever you are, it is either Spring now or will be soon. Let's be as happy as the birds are!


  1. I think your flowers in the little baskets look lovely and the tea party definitely looks like a success.

  2. The flowers are just so sweet and pretty. The tea must have been lovely and a good time for everyone.

  3. It does look bright and sunny in your top photo. We had a day of sunshine this week in Northern Ireland, on Friday. Your strawberry tea sounds really nice! A tea time success!

  4. Lovely flowers for spring! Strawberry tea? Never done before.....Would you mind sharing the recipe? ;)