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Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's Spring in Florida!

Hello from sunny Florida and Ten Gables Cottage,

It is definately Spring here.....killed the first snake to come across the driveway yesterday! I will be distributing moth balls around the property tomorrow.

Other signs of Spring are the beautiful blooms coming on. Now is the time to plant annuals and vegetables. In fact, veggies should have been planted a few weeks ago so the hot sun that is coming our way would see them well up.

I have decided not to plant veggies. I have my winter garden now, with lettuce, radishes, cabbage and broccoli. I am going to only plant flowers and wait until Sept. and do a fall garden. Things are a little different in Florida, and soon it will go right into summer and we will get some very hot weather. Plus it is so dry right now that I would have to water all the time.

But many flowers are very trouble free and like the hot weather, including hibiscus, which I have in several colors in my garden.

Pretend that all these flowers are in a very large bouquet and I am sending them out to a BIRTHDAY GIRL.....GENI, in Minnesota.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TOMORROW, GENI!! I hope you have a lovely birthday and wish we were there to help you celebrate.


  1. Your flowers are just so lovely, especially the hibiscus. I have a winter hardy one, which won't bloom until July or later. I am anxious to see what else your garden grows.

  2. Your flower photos are gorgeous. Hope that snake wasn't a poisonous one! Happy birthday Geni!

  3. Snake in the garden? That's scary for me!
    The flwoers look so lovely!