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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Making Simple Doughnuts....very easy!

Hi everyone and welcome to Ten Gables Cottage, Yesterday I made very simple and easy doughnuts from canned biscuits! I used to make these when my children were small and they were always a hit. Well, our church is having soup and sandwich meals every Wednesday night before Lenten services, and I was asked to bring a dessert for last night! I made some cookies, but I had three cans of biscuits in the fridge left over from last Wed. night when they made "open faced sandwiches" of creamed chicken over biscuits. All you do to make delicious doughnuts, is to cut out a hole in each canned biscuit, as shown here. Then you deep fry the biscuits and hole in deep oil until brown. You turn them once as each side browns.

When browned, remove from the cooking oil and roll in mixed sugar and cinnamon. The three cans made 30 donuts amd 30 donut holes. Everyone at church loved them! The biscuits I used were the cheap store brand ones, so it doesn't really matter what kind you use! Try this if you haven't already done so....you'll get raves!

Have a great day, Egretta

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  1. Yum! One does need a little sugar! Hope everyone enjoyed them.