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Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Sunday walk and a green lizard

Hello from Ten Gables cottage,

It is a nice sunny and warm day here, so I strolled around the gardens and found some interesting things! The Easter Lily I planted after Easter last year has sprouted a nice large bud and will probably be open by Easter Sunday.

The Peace Lily that was almost killed by frost last winter is now blooming very nicely. Here is a bloom peeking through the balusters.

I think I have this picture of the banana tree sideways, but you can see how green and healthy it looks.

Oh, My! This is how it looked last January when it was struck by freezing temperatures in Florida. I didn't think it would survive, but it did!

My little tin bunny peeks around a beautiful caladium.

The lovely Jacaranda tree is in blooming with a show of violet blue, trumpet shaped flowers. It was a tiny gift from a friend years ago and has been hurt by hurricanes and storms and freezing temps. but it has survived and is very colorful this time of year.

And what kind of tree this is, is unknown to me. It has a strange and interesting trunk and thick foliage. I like it and wish I knew what it is. Does anyone know?

And finally, do you see this little green lizard lying so still, trying to hide from my camera? He is bright green and just a second after this picture he ran into a plant just the same color!

Hope you are having a lovely day. Egretta


  1. Egretta, you have some beautiful trees in your garden! The "unknown" one looks a bit like a Baobab, but I'm not sure...
    The Banana is obviously more resilient than we might imagine! Has it ever produced any fruit?

  2. Hi Mark, The banana has not produced fruit yet. It is about 3 years old, but has been hurt every year by cold weather or wind. I keep hoping for bananas!I just read that it takes 2 years to produce fruit, so it flowers in the Fall---maybe I will get fruit this year! I will look up the Baobab tree..thanks for the info.

  3. Everything looks so nice! That is an interesting tree.

  4. Its great your plants have recovered and survived the cold weather you had :) I hope my palm treee will recover.