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Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Friday, April 22, 2011

Beautiful flowers....Happy Easter!

Hello everyone,

I just completed a walk around the gardens here and found so many beautiful blooms, just in time for Easter. My neighbor, Margaret, has a green thumb and her little garden is just stunning with all her pretty blooms. So we will start there on our little journey.

How can your heart help but soar when you see all her lovely flowers?

Mexican petunias against the white walled cottage.

A pot chock full of beautiful Caladium leaves. These are pink speckled with a green border.

Across the way a bit is a big gardenia bush. It is in full bloom and smells delightful. Margaret likes to float some cut blooms in a bowl of water with a few little tea light candles floating among them. I suppose the tea lights intensify the lovely smell of the flowers.

A close up photo of one of the big gardenia blooms.

Margaret's kitty had to come to the door and peer through the screen to see what in the world I am doing in the garden!

One of Margaret's roses and one of my favorite colors in roses.

A red rose set against a white picket fence.

The marigolds have the biggest flowers on them that I have seen. Maybe they are "doubles"; whatever, they are huge!

I love zinnias in Florida (or anywhere). They bear the heat well and are so easy to grow. The colors in these are really special.

Margaret has two lovely hanging baskets on each side of her front door. She told me the name of these petunias, but I forgot! At any rate, they are really eye-catching and colorful.

Here is the whole pot just brimming over with petunias.

Another Caladium, this one is a very striking deep pink with a wide green border. It looks very bold against the white of the cottage.

Back to my garden, I see the Easter Lily has indeed bloomed just in time for Easter!

Happy Easter to all. Wishing you and your family a joyful Easter filled with the true meaning of Easter. Don't forget that Jesus Christ died for you and arose again, so that you might have everlasting life! And I want to wish my grandson, Andrew, a Happy 13th Birthday!


  1. Dear Egretta,
    The garden of your neighbor is beautiful and you have made many great pictures of the lovely flowers .
    I wish you a very pretty Easter.
    Dear greetings, Elly

  2. Happy Easter Egretta! You and your neighbour Margaret certainly have a fine array of flowers to decorate your gardens, but where are the veggies for te kitchen table??? I'm sure you have some coming along, don't you?

  3. Beautiful Photos! I especially like the hanging petunias :-)

    God bless you Egretta and have a wonderful Easter :-)


  4. Beautiful flowers. Margaret has many interesting plants! Aren't those zinnias lovely!

  5. My Easter lily has stilled not bloomed, but has beautiful follaige. They never bloom in KY in time for Easter. That gardenia is much bigger and prettier than the ones I got in the florist for proms, Easter and mother's day corsages. Love to look at the beautiful pictures of the flowers and vegetables...keep them coming.