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Monday, June 10, 2013

Quilts, Cookies, Tea, Painting...it is a busy life!

Yesterday we celebrated my grandson, Austin's birthday, which is this Friday. He was visiting all weekend, so he and I made his birthday cake, just the kind he wanted...chocolate with strawberry icing! It was a fun day! He will be 12 on Friday and I can not believe how time flies. Children grow up way to fast!

Tomorrow is my quilt group at church. I am working on this Iris quilt, which is from an old pattern book my mother had. I have made 30 blocks and appliqued the iris on using the blanket stitch around the edges. Now I am sewing the blocks together, alternating a pattered back ground and a plain green one.

When all put together, the quilt group will put it on a quilting frame and all of us will quilt it. It will be raffled off for our bazaar in November. Hopefully it will be finished by then.

I am in charge of dessert tomorrow at quilting, so I made a big batch of Snicker doodles and will also take some watermelon slices for those who had rather have something healthier, if there should be the need!I have already been sampling the cookies and they are SO good. I know you all have the recipe for Snicker doodles, but if not, let me know and I will post it.
Tea time with my favorite Irish tea cut and saucer!

This is one of my favorite tea pots. I haven't seen another one like it in my many antique buying frenzies.
And here is the last thing today. I just finished this painting after working on it a week. Margaret, my neighbor gave me some lovely bright reddish-orange glads and I waited until they were almost gone before starting this. But I loved the way they looked after loosing some of the blooms, so I put them in an old vintage Mason fruit jar and set up a still life using lace and an old book and a small crock of glass balls. I love to paint lace and reflections, but I will say it is hard and doesn't always turn out like I would like it to. But I finally finished the painting and here it is! Thanks for looking.


  1. You are a busy lady. Fun, isn't it? The quilt squares are some of my favorite colors. Make sure to let us see the final product. Your paintings are so pretty. Etherial, yet natural. I keep wondering where I might hang one in my humble home. Have you missed the bad weather in your part of the country? Hope so.

  2. Look like you have a busy weekend!
    The cake and doodles look yummy! I wonder if you could share the recipe? ;)

  3. I love the colours you're using on the quilt. The tea party looks fab and your painting is beautiful.

  4. The painting is wonderful and I love your sweet Lady tea pot...with love Janice