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Friday, February 22, 2013

What's new at Rustic Star Antiques?

Hello Everyone, Friday!! And a beautiful, warm, sunny, Spring-like day in Florida.
I went down to the Rustic Star Antiques and More shop, where I have a booth and took some photos to show you what is going on there. The owner is re-purposing lots of interesting pieces of furniture and making some unusual things for the home. As you can see, right in the foreground of the above photo, she has painted a ladder coral/pink and although it doesn't show in this view, she has some black stenciled lace on it here and there! A lady's step ladder!  

Melinda, the owner, does a lot of bead work; you can see a sample on the blue vase here.

The above old pitcher and bowl  has a nipped spout, so it has been fitted with a pretty lily in the pitcher and some shamrock in the bowl. I love this idea! Plants put into antiques are best sellers at Rustic Star Antiques and More!
One of my favorite things to do is to put a pretty specimen flower in a little clear glass bottle...maybe a whole roll of them in a window sill and Rustic Star has many from which to choose!

Who is this attractive lady? She is the store mascot, Sally, who is married to Harry, below. At the moment, they aren't speaking, so they are in different sections of the shop. Sally is thinking about a possible trip to the beach, while Harry is probably wondering about the next meal! His poor hand looks like he wants a hand out! Looks like it needs to be turned over and placed on his knee! They are too funny!

Melinda's father laughingly says they are his "freeze-dried parents". This gets a few laughs and actually worries some people!

On to a more pleasant subject, the above photo shows the top of an oriental hutch that Melinda painted aqua in a shabby chic style. It is really gorgeous. Painted furniture is another big seller. White painted furniture is still big, but color is coming into its' own.

I'll bet you can't guess what this round ball of a thing is? Give up?
Well it is a light globe made from a Camel's bladder!It is hand painted and you can see where a bit of paint is flaking off. Imported, or course, and quite a few years back, this is certainly a conversation piece. It is in my booth and do you know how I know it is a Camel's bladder? I had a gift shop in 1980 here and I sold this very one then. I happened to acquire it back after the owner got tired of it, so here it is again for sale, but at a lower price than before!

The above cute tea cart is in my booth, a perfect cart to use for tea on the patio! I've got it pretty well loaded with various items as you can see.

Here is another of Melinda's creations. She calls it the Brothel Chair! But seriously, it would be a conversation piece, as well, in a ladies bedroom or dressing room. Very chic!
This photo was taken in front of the shop....see how sunny it is here! Behind the chair is a bird feeder made of stacked and glued pieces. See the clear glass lamp part with a tray and a bowl glued on top. Makes a cute garden piece.
I just had to show you my bougainvillea between the studio and garage. It is so gorgeous! I'm out to garden now. Have a great day and a fab week-end!


  1. I do wish that I could visit your shop; it looks so interesting and fun. Egrettta if you do come to Colorado, we must get together. We are just a few miles from Windsor. My husband's uncle has an ice cream shop there. You'd love iit because he has recreated an old fashioned soda fountain. We must have some ice cream together and then hit the antique stores. My treat.. Enjoy your warm weather. Think of us freezing herein the west. Have a good week end.

  2. The shop looks lovely...Lots of interesting things..specially Sally and Harry lol...cute...happy sunday..with love Janice

  3. Such a lovely shop! The flowers are amazing!

  4. The bougainvillea is really pretty - so many flowers. The shop is so interesting, and so many unique pieces.