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Friday, February 1, 2013

Big Quilt Show in Sebring, Fl

Hi Everyone and welcome to my blog! It has been a beautiful day in Florida and my quilt group from church took a little trip to Sebring, Florida to the Highland Quilters  big quilt show. There were dozens of gorgeous quilts and many vendors selling quilting wares. We had a great time and came back with lots of ideas and also some neat supplies. So below are some of the quilts we saw.

Well, I think I have the above quilt pictured sideways, but anyway, you can see how intricate the applique is. You can click on any of these photos for a closer view. This one won a ribbon. I think it was machine quilting and done very well. I am partial to hand quilting, but if machine quilting is well done, then it is just o.k to me. I really prefer hand quilting, though.
Here is a special wall-hanging with a 3-D effect. It, too won a ribbon.

More beautiful applique!

Just look at all the small pieces in this bright and cheerful quilt!

I was so impressed by this mini quilt. It was part of a group done for a challenge to use a photograph and translate it into a pieced quilt. Be sure to click on this for a closer view. It was outstanding in my opinion!

Another sideways view. Sorry! You get the idea, though, and don't you just love the pastels in this one!

Check out this close up of an appliqued quilt, all hand done! Love it!

A beautiful colorful quilt with lots of interest.

This wall hanging would be so pretty in a coffee shop or tea room. Or even in your own little tea nook!
A beautiful flower garden quilt. I love all those little pieces and the colors in this one are stunning.
Lastly, here is a close up of a turtle appliqued on a block. A very bright pretty quilt for a child.
Are you as inspired as I am?


  1. Amazing. Isn't it funny that people can interpret "quilting" in so many different ways?

  2. So many nice quilts and so imaginative. I like the tea cup one as its really fun. Our family has some amazing quilts too!