Ten Gables Cottage

Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Monday, January 14, 2013

Winter in Florida

It is "winter" in Florida! As you can see, we don't have snow! We don't have cold!
We have roses in bloom, and a lot of other flowers, and a nice winter garden growing. Today reached 80 degrees, and that is plenty hot, but it was a beautiful day with a nice breeze and sunny. 
My one eggplant has about 8 egg plants on it....not really big, but getting bigger since we had some nice rain.

The cabbages are heading up and you can see a broccoli plant in the corner and a tomato plant with two small tomatoes touching the ground. I need to stake that!

On the fence across the front of the property is a beautiful Mexican Flame Vine and it is in full bloom!

Here us a close up of it....little trumpet shaped flowers in a bright orange. They make quite a show.

The guest cottage (Twin Gables) peeks out behind the Flame Vine and you can see the big Live Oak tree in front of the house with plenty of Spanish Moss hanging down.

A photo looking up into the tree. Makes me think of lying on the ground as a child looking up at the trees and clouds.
Things aren't quite as green as they are in Spring, but our Spring is just around the corner. Under the oaks the grass is quite brown, but in parts of the yard there is some green grass. You can catch a glimpse on the right. The squirrels had so much fun in these trees this year and ate a bunch of acorns. Yes, they hide them in Florida, just like they do in Fall in the North, but food for them is always plentiful here in Florida.
I hope wherever you are, your weather is mild and not too cold, unless, of course, you really LOVE cold weather!!! Have a great day, Egretta.


  1. It's so lovely over there! I love the orange flowers!

  2. Hi Egretta, the tropics are looking pretty wonderful. Enjoying the cold. No. It only reached 17 today. I've had the gas fireplace burning most of the day. It is supposed to warm up to the 50s by week's end--a real tropical heat wave. Your garden looks wonderful. You will have some tasty cole slaw.

  3. This week we have swapped rain for snow, so it's hard for us to imagine balmy sunny days like yours! Have you ever been in the UK in Winter? It's not very nice!

  4. Hi, Egretta,
    Your garden is looking great and I just love your large Oak trees. Your certainly on your way to a productive 2013.
    Yours in art,

  5. The flame vine is very pretty! The tree with the Spanish moss looks really pretty too. Its been frosty in Ireland this week and talk of possible snow!

  6. Hi there

    Wow what a beautiful home, and those trees stunning!!!
    I love your paintings too.