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Monday, May 14, 2012

Beautiful Mother's Day Gifts!

Hi everyone, 
I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!. I had a really nice one. Earlier in the week, I got a surprise gift from a very sweet sister in law, not for Mother's Day, but a "just because" gift. It is the beautiful purse you see above. It is a tote made by Isabella's Journey, a beautiful tapestry with beads on the handle. It has a zipper and also some useful pockets inside. I was delightfully surprised. Thanks for the lovely gift!

Earlier in the week, I also received a package from my daughter who lives in Northern Ireland. I, of course, couldn't wait to open it until Mother's Day, so I didn't hesitate to tear off the paper on the little wrapped gifts inside the mailer and found an assortment of wonderful things!

First, there was a little book, which I will use as a sketch book and it has a handpainted flower design on the front of it, done by an artist in Kent, Egnland. Very, very cute....a clever idea. In another box was a pretty flowered writing pen that matches it so well.

NOTE:I don't know what all this space is between my photos, but since Google changed Blogger it is very hard for me to properly blog, and I am pretty disgusted with it. So bear with me.

and scroll down......

Also in the package was a really beautiful necklace with two strands of chain and beads and a darling little dangling tea pot! I love it and wore it yesterday to church and to our Mother's Day breakfast/tea at church. It received rave reviews!
I also got a dozen red roses, which are really lovely.
And a very pretty cactus dish garden in a pottery pot. It came with a little squeeze dropper to use to water it. How handy that will be and hopefully will keep me from over-watering it.
Well, I got a phone call from Kelli, my daughter, and then  Greg, my son and the two grandsons came for a visit and we went to our new "Applebees" for lunch. I had a wonderful day and thank all those sweet ones who made it so. I am still smiling!


  1. O my what lovely things you received, so nice..I love the Teapot necklace been wanting one for a while now...Have a great afternoon with love Janice @ spoonwither.blogspot.com...

  2. You had a lovely Mother's Day. And lovely gifts of love. I know what you mean by Blogger. It is frustrating, but we will overlook the mechanics of things and just enjoy our blogs.

  3. Glad you had a good Mother's Day! It took me awhile to get used to blogger when it changed to New Blogger. I struggled with a few things for several weeks but then finally got used to it.

  4. Happy belated mother's day to you!
    That's so beautiful gifts!

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