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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What's New at the Antique Store?

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I painted all day in my booth at Rustic Star Antiques. I saw a lot of old friends I hadn't seen in a while . I used to do many arts and crafts shows and got to talk to so many people at them. Now that I am in the Rustic Star, I am more in the public than I have been for a few years. It is fun to reconnect! Also, I owned an antique shop for 5 years, then sold out, stayed home for 2 years, just painting in my studio and now I am back into the antique business with a large booth in Rustic Star. Just couldn't stay away!

Above is a pretty Duncan Fife coffee table in my booth with a big cloche added and 2 little Nantucket baskets. Notice the "chocolate" bunny in the basket! The other basket contains

lavender sashets....ummmmmmm, they smell so good! The bunnies in the basket are canvas

painted with heavy clear sealer to make them hard. They are really adorable!

Gold-lined china cups and saucers....beautiful for an elegant tea.

I have no idea why there is so much space between my photos and what I write. I can never seem to post a really nice post any more, and if I try to make the spaces smaller, it gets worse. Any suggestions, anyone? Please keep scrolling down to see the whole blog.

A "Gathering" of buttons and a sprinkling top used for wetting the laundry when preparing to iron clothing, all residing in an old jar lid.

More unwanted space............

I love old pin cushions, especially if filled with corsage pins!

Keep scrolling down........

One section of the store displays an old bed with quilt and other interesting items. Enlarge to check things out!

Remember you grandmother or mother's old sewing machine? They were so pretty in those days....now they are all made of plastic without the fancy gold scroll work.

One day the plastic ones will be antiques, too!

As for me, I love the old, sturdy ones....better

quality and certainly more appealing to the eye, don't you agree?

Happy Antiquing!


  1. Such a huge collection of antiques! My mum have that kind of sewing machine abck at hometown!

    You have very good art hand!

  2. The bunnies are adorable. And I love the Singer sowing machine. I'm a fan of the past. Maybe I'm at the age where I don't want things to change... I remember when I was younger thinking not wanting things to change was an old persons' view. But look at the Singer... so much nicer looking than today's plastic ones!

    To get less space under your photos, you could try uploading all your photos for the post, then click on a photo and choose 'add caption'. This allows you to put text under the given photo.

    Happy Spring! (although in Florida you may be moving into the heat of Summer!).