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Friday, March 2, 2012

Antique Shop, Painting Sunflowers, and a Hibiscus Bush

Hi everyone, I hope you are having a great Friday! I have more photos of the Rustic Star Antique Shop as well as the painting I started there yesterday! I bought a lovely bunch of sunflowers at the grocery store and put them in an antique pitcher, took them to the shop and began a painting! Below is that beginning.

Here is the bouquet. The sunflowers are so gorgeous....I hope they are long-lasting.

Here is another photo of some of the wonderful antiques at Rustic Star Antiques. I love the little chest on top of the chestnut table. Notice the woven

blanket....really old and in excellent condition.

A garden table set up for St. Patrick's day! Love these green dishes!

Melinda, one of the owners, makes beautiful jewelry from glass beads and vintage buttons. She embellishes vases and glassware, too.

For all you "blue" fans.

Old pitcher and bowl.

Some of Melinda's rings.

A copper boiler and a beautiful bid basket

My little desk where I paint when I am there. It opens up and I can store things inside. So far, it is not for sale, but in time I am sure I will part with it!!

Now, I want you to see the most beautiful orange hibiscus bloom ever! I have a new little hibiscus tree, as of yesterday. My neighbors, Margaret and John brought it over last evening. I had mentioned to Margaret, who works in the garden center that my hibiscus tree of about 12 years had completely died and I wanted another one when they got some in.

She grabbed this one when it came in and saved it for me and here they came with it last night.The blooms are just stunning.

Here is a photo of the planted tree. How cute is that! It is full of buds, too. You know that the flowers only last one day, but then others are always opening up.

Think Spring!!


  1. I love looking at other peoples booths, that old couple on the previous post is hysterical! I wish I had them for my living room! LOL Your booth is wonderful with all that you have painted! You are a real artist, Oh, in my next life I hope I can paint and sing LOL!


  2. Oh I am thinking spring. Your hibiscus is beautiful. I love the peach color. It would be wonderful to visit your antique market; looks like so much fun with a lot of pretty treasures to be discovered. The sunflowers, one of my favorites, will change a winter mood, won't they?

  3. Your sunflower painting looks really pretty, looking forward to seeing the finished result. The hibiscus is really pretty. I had a hibiscus in Ireland once but it didn't really like our weather too much.