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Monday, September 26, 2011

"Pretty Fall Blooms"

Hi everyone,

I have started cleaning off my Fall garden spot although it is still so hot. Some things blooming right now have the lovely Autumn colors.

This Begonia is called a Florida Sunset begonia and you can see why by the beautiful variegated colors it blooms. I love the texture of the leaves, too.

This is one of my favorite hibiscus colors. Hibiscus blooms are so stunning!

Marigolds are always a favorite in my garden. I mix them in with my cabbages and broccoli and have never had a problem with worms! It is said that pests do not like marigolds and it must be true. Every year I make sure I have them mixed in my vegetable garden. Not only do they add a touch of bright color, but they protect the veggies from pests! I usually buy established plants and then harvest seeds and plant them, too, so that I have lots of them.

In Florida, it is time to start planting our winter gardens and the cut off date for successful planting is October 19, I'm told. It is still hot here, but we are getting lots of rain and it should start to cool a bit soon.

Wishing you colorful Autumn days!


  1. That Oct19 date sounds a bit contrived! It must defend what sort of thing you are planning to plant!

  2. Cool Begonia. We may have lows in the 50's this weekend in North FL.

  3. Mark, that date is probably so if we do happen to have cold weather in January, most things would be into harvest by then. Thanks, Phong.
    Hundreds of ideas..... I wish you'd sent some of that cooler weather to South Fl.!!