Ten Gables Cottage

Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Monday, March 31, 2014

Gorgeous blooms and Monster Lizard

Hi Everyone, It is a gorgeous day here is Florida Paradise! It is overcast partly today, but still so pleasant and beautiful. To walk around the garden just puts a smile on my face! I am really enjoying this beautiful foxglove plant. I haven't put it in the garden yet; I love to put an "arrangement" of potted plants near the rail leading up to the porch, as a "welcome" arrangement and find it hard to get them planted because they just look so great here. I do have other plans for them soon, though, unless I just decide to plant them right where they are.

Here is a view of more of them. The Elephant ear is planted there and in a year or two will take up the whole spot. Also, there is a galvanized planter with a solar light in it sitting there. You can see it on the left with some small spider plants in it and a begonia.

A view of the back garden around the patio and a mocking bird sitting on the 
"bird Trellis". They love having a place to sit and sing. I need to do some work here, namely fill up the bird bath after cleaning it out. My Granny Garden continues to grow. Enlarge this to see the little red tractor on the railing! The wooded area beyond the lawn borders a small canal, home to turtles and the occasional alligator.

More of the garden. The Caladiums are coming up now.

Close up of the zucchini plant and some pretty flowers.

Oh, my gosh! What is the world is this? It is a monster lizard on the garage roof. I am sitting at my computer in the studio and looking out the window, I can watch him catch flying insects, such as wasps to eat. He sits here daily and is HUGE for a lizard. He is about 4 or 5 times as large as any I have seen around here. And he is reddish color which is unusual. I will look him up and try to find out what kind he is. Does anyone know out there?
On a more pleasant note, my pot of lettuce is growing rapidly and needs thinning. I will thin some of the biggest ones for a salad and let the rest grown a bit more. It is a mixture and is so pretty. Until another day, hope the sun shines on your day today and soon Spring will be in your area!


  1. Such a preety flowers! I love your foxglove! I think it's monitor lizard which is very common here.

  2. That's a lot of lizard! I would not do well thinking an alligator could come crawling up out of the canal. I'd much rather hang out with the lizard as long as it didn't try to add me to the menu. Your garden looks great! Mine is just now waking up. :o)

  3. Your flowers and veg are looking really pretty and your pot of lettuce is really cute! That looks like one of those giant Mexican lizards, wonder if it is?