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Friday, July 5, 2013

A Hydrangea Wonderland!

Hello everyone, Today a friend and I went to another friends home out in the country and saw the most spectacular  display of hydrangea bushes full of bloom that I have every seen! She had them planted all around her house. As you can see, the colors were just splendid! The same plant would have many colors. Amazing! You can see how lush everything is, because this is the rainy season in Florida and we have had lots of rain.

Hydrangea love water and my friend has a big fish pond on her property that feeds her watering system and I firmly believe that that is why she has had such great luck with her plants. They were all started from one bloom that was in a cut flower bouquet that her son gave her many years ago. The mother plant is still beautiful and she has started dozens of plants from it. She simply applies Root Tone to a woody cutting and starts them in the ground or in a pot!

We were given lots of blooms to bring home to hang up and dry, some for bouquets and woody cuttings to try and root! I am so excited! Of course, I will have to buy fish fertilizer to try when they are established because I have no fish pond!

I am not sure which color is my favorite.All the blues are gorgeous, but so are the lavenders and pinks. I love the dark pink and the periwinkle color of blue is gorgeous!

But just look at this color above...Wow. By the way, this one is on the Mother plant...She only had 3 huge blooms, but she is a huge bush with very lush greenery and she resides by herself beside the front door....very deserving of the honor! To think that all of these plants came from her!!

The trees in the background were also planted by my friend and she gave me a Maple tree seedling to try.
Hers turn beautiful Fall colors in the Fall just like up north. 
She has Papaya trees there in the background and if you enlarge this, you can see the fruit growing.

So I end this post with one of my paintings....a tribute to the beautiful hydrangea!


  1. Egretta, I'm not sure which I love more, the flower photos or your wonderful painting!
    Nancy and the pugs

  2. What a beautiful collection and display of hydrangeas. I really wish that I could grow them here. I have tried and failed. And your painting does them honor.