Ten Gables Cottage

Ten Gables Cottage
Ten Gables Cottage

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Flowers, Friends and more from N. Ireland and England

Hi everyone, I am still swooning over my 200 plus photos taken on holiday in Northern Ireland, Scotland and England! Above is a beautiful pot of geraniums in the window at my daughter, Kelli's home in N. Ireland. You can see some of her garden through the window. Check out her blog listed in the right hand column.
We toured several gardens in Northern Ireland and I took this photo of lilies. Gorgeous!
At Sentry Hill, this cottage caught my eye. The cottage itself is very monotone, but then the rock wall and flowers give it a beautiful burst of color.
In Stratford Upon Avon, England we were delighted to be able to meet up with two blogging friends, Mark and Jane Willis. Mark's blog is called Mark's Veg Plot and you can click on the address to the right of this column near the top of the right hand column. He is an avid gardener and has a beautiful blog. Check it out! He and Jane drove over to our hotel and we visited and had a cup of coffee with them. It was a special  high light of our trip to get to meet them, and even though our meeting was short, we felt that they were folks we had known a long while! Jane has a few blogs herself and one is about contesting. You will see on Mark's blog how to click on Jane's blog, as well. Mark brought us a sampling of his fine salad tomatoes he grew and they were delicious, as well as pretty. Thanks, Mark and Jane for coming to our hotel...we thoroughly enjoyed meeting and visiting with you!
You will see gorgeous hanging baskets all over Ireland, Scotland and England. They've had lots of rain, so the pots were especially pretty this year.
A photo taken from our coach window! A beautiful bride among the lush plantings.
Oh, those thatched roofed cottages....my very favorite! This photo also taken from our coach!
So many tea rooms, so little time! But we did manage to have several cream teas, not to mention lunch. We could have called the trip an "EAT FEST"!
More flowers along the street. Join me again soon for more photos of some very quaint villages!


  1. More lovely, lovely photos to enjoy! Each photo is pretty enough to paint (and I think I just might try my hand at doing just that with a few of them). And ohhhhh....the tea rooms! When we were in Cornwall a few years back, the tea rooms were just everywhere - absolute bliss for the taste buds (not so much for the waistline, however, lol). Aren't cream teas one of the most wonderful 'inventions' in the entire baking universe? I think I must've had at least a dozen in the few days we were in Cornwall...I just couldn't stop myself. I love the photo near at the bottom of your post, with the little bicycle (with the basket) parked right outside the tea room. Wonderful!

    And of course - all those beautiful thatched roof cottages! And the flowers! And all that luscious and lush greenery everywhere....ahhh...life is good when it looks like this. Thanks for sharing, Egretta. - June

  2. There is such charm in the oldness of the Irish countryside--England and Scotland, too. Who doesn't love the thatched cottages? The beautiful hanging baskets that seem to grow effortlessly. Or the window boxes overflowing with delicate and colorful flowers. It must have been very special to meet fellow bloggers. Ready for the next batch of photos.

  3. Very pretty! I like the bicycle outside the shop as well.